Term Of Services

By registering on the aduhads.us website I have agreed to:
a. Website Traffic for directlinks
- the traffic I send is real traffic and not from BOT or websurf.
-The traffic I send comes from SEO.
-I agree that the only traffic approved by aduhads.us is traffic that comes from search engines and not from directlinks.
b. Banner Ads
aduhads.us only counts 3 banners per website page, if you place more than 3 banners on one page the impact will reduce the ecpm value.
Aduhads.us only calculates the cpm and has not calculated the cpc value for each click.
c. Popunder Traffic
aduhads.us has automatically set for popunder Ads with a caps value of 1/24 hours.
d. Payment
Faucetpay is aduhads.us' best payment method if you want to get paid instantly.
Payments other than using faucetpay will be paid according to the existing queue. e. Violation
- If the value of invalid traffic or fake traffic exceeds 70% then it is considered a serious violation with a penalty your account will be disabled and revenue will be returned to advertisers.
- If invalid traffic or fake traffic is 50%-70% then your ecpm value will be greatly reduced.
Those are the rules and agreements that have been made and I agree to this agreement.